The days wherein off gray and gray are the only available colors for concrete flooring are over, today, using this versatile material, you can achieve almost any pattern or design. If you are planning to install or replace your old flooring with polished concrete flooring, here are some of the things that you need to consider. 

 Concrete Flooring

    Structural Colors 

There are a couple of options you have for adding the color directly into the structure of the material if you are installing a new concrete floor. When it is placed, color hardeners and integral pigments can be both mixed into the concrete. This will give you the chance to achieve amazing pattern effects on the surface of the material. 

More subtle color effects in the concrete are produced because of natural pigments which include metal oxides. Brighter and more eye catching colors can be added with the use of chemical coloring agents but these will eventually fade over time. To create an appearance of grout lines on the floor, you can combine this with parallel and perpendicular etching. 

    Chemical Acid Stain 

After it has been installed, this technique can be performed on the concrete floor. The application of HCL to the surface of the concrete will make a chemical reaction that is capable of making the surface of the material to discolor. 

Porosity, chemical makeup, age, climate, and composition are some of the factors that will determine the unique coloration that occurs on the surface of your concrete floor. Across the surface of the floor, the results of acid staining are unpredictable. 

    Concrete Paint 

In the world of concrete flooring, this is somewhat a controversial treatment. The issue with paint is that it will eventually tend to chip, flake, and fade which will need re application every few years. If it is a grade or below grade floor, you will probably encounter a problem because it may suffer from moisture issues. 

You need to use a specially formulated 2 step latex epoxy that is specifically made for this purpose if you decided to paint your concrete surfaces. A waterproof surface over the concrete and will act as a barrier against oil and grease are the main benefits of using the right paint. 

    Water Based Stains 

These are chemicals that go deep down the surface of the floor and results in a chemical reaction which makes the material take on the pigment. Moisture will not cause them to chip away unlike paint because these stains allow the concrete to breathe. Using water based stains that you can with acid staining techniques, you can get a more dramatic color effects. 

    Tinted Concrete Sealers  

In order to create a protective barrier that will protect the porous material form penetration of stain and moisture, you will need a sealer which is a chemical agent that you must apply to the surface of the concrete floor. 

If you are planning to replace or install polished concrete flooring in your home, you must ensure that it is properly installed. Good thing, Polished Concrete Jersey City offers professional services that perfectly suit your needs. They provide high-quality work and makes sure that their clients are fully satisfied.