In the storage industry, it is important that tenants won’t leave their self-storage units because this is where self-storage units rely on, because of their customers. But there are some factors in tenant’s lives you can’t control which forces your tenants to leave. To preserve customer’s items and especially your company’s name, there is an efficient and easy way and this is to understand why your tenants leave their self-storage units in order for these circumstances to be avoided. 



Tenants don’t need the facility anymore 

This is the most common reason why tenants have to leave their self-storage units is that they don’t need the facility any longer for storage. And some people are not into storing their stuff just like they used to because of the valuable market of the vintage and antique items and their trend of restoring these dated items into treasures. The decrease in people using storage facility might damage the self-storage business and it is really important to offer customers a high quality of service at an affordable price and to provide a safe solution in storing your tenants’ durable goods. 

Tenant’s goods were damaged in the facility 

Tenants goods were damaged in the process may lead to tenants leaving the facility especially if the goods are damaged under the care of the facility. These damages might seem easy to avoid by securing the units but there are elusive problems that have overwhelmed the self-storage industry from the beginning, mildew and mold have been found and it’s been hard to control for a long time. These silent destroyers can ruin your tenant’s goods and along these damaged goods is a damaged customer that if a word comes out, it could damage your business. 

By utilizing your dehumidification system which is added to your HVAC, you can stop the army of mildew and mold but without having a dehumidifier, you might be spending too much on cooling and heating to lower the humidity level of the facility. 

Pricing of storage is very expensive 

And finally, most tenants leave their self-storage units the price is just way too expensive. Most customers want the price much lesser and lesser enough that the price will justify them in keeping the items. Whether they are keeping furniture before the big move or memorabilia for their next generation, they want that items safe in their storage facility until such time they are to withdraw them. 

But the prices in running a self-storage facility are often get pushed on the customers. This another reason why considering to add a dehumidifier to your existing HVAC system, to help eliminating mold and mildew problems that ruin the goods of the customers with lesser expense than that of the traditional method. By saving with these overhead costs, self-storage companies can have those savings together with their customers which can make their customer return in the future. 

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